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Embold Research Survey Reveals Overwhelming Support for Renewable Energy Among New Mexico Voters

Updated: Jan 11


January 11, 2024

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Embold Research Survey Reveals Overwhelming Support for Renewable Energy Among New Mexico Voters

SANTA FE — The results of a new survey demonstrate remarkable support for renewable energy among registered voters of all parties and in all regions of New Mexico. Data scientists with Embold Research, the nonpartisan unit of Change Research, conducted the survey. It was commissioned by Public Power New Mexico, a grassroots statewide coalition working to advance an equitable energy transition, community-owned renewable power, and energy democracy in New Mexico. The results of the survey can be viewed here. Embold Research’s methodology statement can be reviewed here.

Some highlights of the survey results include:

There is widespread support for renewable energy among New Mexico voters. Over 70% of New Mexico voters support the use of both solar and wind energy sources. This support for renewable energy held true for both right and left leaning voters as well as voters from every region in the state. Some respondents valued the costs savings from solar energy and others pointed to positive environmental benefits.

Three in four voters agreed that the state should maximize its renewable energy production. 84% of New Mexico voters support rooftop solar.  Nearly half of voters who do not already have rooftop solar would join a community solar program if it was available to them, while ~30% are ‘not sure.’

While voters are split on whether they think their community will benefit from federal funding for solar and battery storage, a majority of voters support the creation of a state solar fund to help local governments plan and build public solar projects, which could increase the likelihood of leveraging federal funding for solar energy.

There is broad support for local governments establishing electrical utilities, with especially strong support among Democrats and Native Americans. Voters believe that the creation of a municipal utility will not only result in cost savings for utility customers but also create local jobs and increase accountability.

Trenton Marlar, an analyst with Embold Research, said, "Our poll found that a significant majority of New Mexicans support a variety of renewable energy and environmental initiatives and want to see the adoption of sustainable practices, community involvement, and innovative solutions. These results offer insight into future policies and initiatives that New Mexico voters are interested in seeing made a reality."

Alysha Shaw, Campaign Director for Public Power New Mexico, said, “We are encouraged and inspired by the overwhelming support for renewable energy in New Mexico. These findings signal a powerful endorsement from our community for an equitable energy transition and solar policies we are working toward, like the Local Solar Access Fund. It is a pivotal moment that affirms New Mexicans are ready to lead the way towards a sustainable and inclusive energy future. We look forward to harnessing this momentum to drive positive change and shape a more equitable, secure, and environmentally conscious energy landscape that lowers energy costs for New Mexicans. New Mexicans are eager to invest in a renewable future that will benefit us for decades to come."

Embold Research is the nonpartisan unit of Change Research. They help leaders make informed decisions, build trust, and get things done, by surveying everyday people online. Our innovative methodology, Dynamic Online Sampling, reaches people where they are at - their devices - and delivers accurate results to our clients at an affordable price

Public Power New Mexico is a coalition of grassroots organizations throughout our state that are working to create a future where our communities can generate affordable, renewable electricity that creates jobs and invests in local economies. We are part of a national movement for energy democracy that is empowering our communities to choose our own energy future and accelerate the transition to renewable energy.


View the results here:

View their methodology statement here:


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