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PRC agrees to hear Public Power petition

The PRC voted unanimously on Wednesday, January 5th to schedule a presentation from Senator Liz Stefanics, Representative Andrea Romero or their representatives to introduce their petition for a study to initiate, conduct and oversee a study about the costs and benefits of Public Power for New Mexico.

Though concerned about potential questions of jurisdiction and funding, given that the PRC was established to regulated private Investor Owned Utilities in the state, the commissioners recognized that the PRC is uniquely qualified to properly oversee such a study and understand the issues at stake. Commissioners also expressed interest in the findings of such a study, given the fast paced changes in energy markets and technologies and their duty to stay informed about developments in the energy economy that affect the state.

Ultimately a Public Power utility will require legislative action, but the PRC is uniquely qualified to advise legislators in the endeavor.


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